In order not to be dependent on factories on the other side of the world, we started accelerating the first Dutch mouth mask factory!

Refugee Company contributes to an inclusive society by:

  1. Helping refugees to take an important step towards social and economic independence by creating jobs, either paid or voluntarily. By participating, people become stronger and happier.

  2. Inspiring society to be more open towards people with refugee backgrounds, show appreciation and help them in their search for a meaningful life in the Netherlands.

The best way to integrate is through working. Refugee Company raises funds to offer work-learn programmes to people with refugee backgrounds. These programmes last between six months and three years and are run by our mouth mask factory and ‘A Beautiful Mess’, which is the name of our social enterprise. 

Participants start working in one of our ‘safe spaces’, either one of our restaurants or our makerspace or as a member of our new energy team. As a result, they become active, gain experience and build a network. Language lessons, basic civic integration, personal development and well-being are all part of the programmes.

More about our pre-start and re-start program


Via our products and services, we contribute to a positive perception of refugees in our society. We aim to reach as many people as possible and we can’t do it alone, so we look for new volunteers around the clock. Profits made by A Beautiful Mess are invested back into the work-learn programmes, thereby boosting continuity.


  • 166 people found jobs
  • 300 participants in work-learn programmes
  • 3000 are part of our community
  • 40.000 guests in our restaurant
  • 35.000 visitors to our coffee bar