Refugee Company is qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) by the Dutch Tax Administration, which means we do not pay inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances, or gifts awarded to us to the public benefit. Also donations by us to the public benefit are exempted. Natural and legal persons who donate to Refugee Company can deduct their gifts from Dutch income tax or corporate income tax, when meeting a number of conditions: ANBI Conditions 


Theory of Change


Right from the start, we observed a moderate remuneration policy, well within boundaries set by the Executives’ Pay Act (Wet Normering Topinkomens). The balance between the highest and lowest pay within Refugee Company equals 3.7. Members of staff at the restaurant of A Beautiful Mess receive a pay in accordance with the collective labour agreement for the hotel, restaurant and cafe industry. Workers at A Beautiful Mess Makerspace and at Refugee Company get paid in accordance with the CLA for the Dutch healthcare and social care industry (CAO Zorg en Welzijn). This year, we’re developing  a crystal-clear pay scale. As a part of this process, we will assess whether we want to formally observe CLAs or develop our own compensation structure.


Through a stakeholder analysis, we mapped all parties involved with our organization and identified our primary and secondary stakeholders. We believe that ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders is an important way to increase our impact and our ability to innovate. Next steps include improving the structure of these dialogues, initially through a dialogue analysis.

Stakeholder dialogue