Refugee Company continuously looks for employers that are willing to give refugees in the Netherlands a chance. We work with status holders as well as people whose asylum has been in procedure for at least six months, as they are allowed to work in the Netherlands as well. In particular we are looking for employers keen to co-invest in extra coaching and on-the-job language lessons. Laws and regulations may be complex for some employers. Luckily we know a lot about it, so feel free to get in touch. To name just one example: in many municipalities, employers are able to apply for wage cost subsidy when hiring one of our people.

Nashaat works at the Moco Museum

At Refugee Company, we found out pretty quickly that Nashaat has great hospitality skills and very much enjoys working with all kinds of people. He speaks both English and Dutch, which serves him well in his new job as a representative at the Moco Museum.

“Working at A Beautiful Mess was great. I made new friends and learned a lot about the Dutch labour market. Thanks to Refugee Company, I found a job at the Moco Museum, I am very grateful for that. Both my brothers also work here. The job is fun. I work together with great people, all from different backgrounds. We are not just colleagues, we are family. I have a good life and I have big plans for the future.”

Miriam works at Google

In 2018 she joined our team at the A Beautiful Mess restaurant. Miriam works hard and she is a great cook, so to be honest we wanted to keep her. Now she works in catering at Google the Netherlands and she enjoys it.

“Before joining Refugee Company, I did not know anything about work or Dutch language. I did not use to speak Dutch, but when I left A Beautiful Mess it went better and I also understand what it takes to work in the hospitality business. Refugee Company helped me by finding a nice job, I could not have done that on my own. A Beautiful Mess feels like home, I really would like to come back every now and then, also to help out as a volunteer. I now work at Google three days a week, every day with five colleagues. They are all very kind and give me a lot of freedom.”

Bahlbi works at UWV

He came to the Netherlands from Eritrea. In 2018, he was a participant of our re-start programme and soon enough we noticed he had big ambitions. After earning a

Business & Economics diploma, he was eager to make a business career. Together we looked for a job that would fit, right now he works at UWV and has a great time.

“At Werkbedrijf Groot Amsterdam, which is the public employment service for the Amsterdam metropolitan area, I help people -primarily refugees- to find work. This job fits me, I love networking. Of course I understand the backgrounds of the people I work with very well. I want to work hard and become better in what I do, I have always had big dreams.  I always thought I would become a CEO somewhere or start my own company. I want to make that dream come true, it is all about thinking big, right?” Bahlbi says in UWV Magazine.